Euphoria's focuses on providing clothing, accessories, and furniture inspired by the 1920s Art Nouveau and Art Deco art movements. Our small team collaborates with manufacturers, artists, and art collectors from all over the world. We engage with our customers to continually refine and improve our catalog.

Robert Foley


Robert Foley Jr has always loved art, early in life we was an artist, sculptor, painter, and illustrator. And after college began a long journey from artist to software engineer. Robert has built 20+ eCommerce stores throughout his career, yet never felt he could find a store that met his specific needs for Art Deco products.

So he set out to launch the store you are on today. He and our growing team, do our best to provide quality products and customer service for every need. We look forward to your business and your feedback.

Euphoria's is one of multiple themed stores we offer, check back often or signup to the company newsletter to be informed when a new site is launched or a sales campaign is released!


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